1st Edition Chapter PDFs

8. Model Specification in Structural Equation Modeling

Rick H. Hoyle

9. Identification: A Nontechnical Discussion of a Technical Issue

David A. Kenny and Stephanie Milan

12. Categorical Data in the Structural Equation Modeling Framework

Michael C. Edwards, R. J. Wirth, Carrie R. Houts, and Nuo Xi

14. Model Modification in Structural Equation Modeling 

Chih-Ping Chou and Jimi Huh

15. Equivalent Models: Concepts, Problems, Alternatives

Larry J. Williams

16. Preparing Data for Structural Equation Modeling: Doing Your Homework

Patrick S. Malone and Jill B. Lubansky

18. Bootstrapping Standard Errors and Data–Model Fit Statistics in Structural Equation Modeling

Gregory R. Hancock and Min Liu

21. The Structural Equation Modeling Research Report 

Anne Boomsma, Rick H. Hoyle, and A. T. Panter

31. An Overview of Growth Mixture Modeling: A Simple Nonlinear Application in OpenMx

Mariya P. Shiyko, Nilam Ram, and Kevin J. Grimm

37. Structural Equation Models of Imaging Data

Anthony R. McIntosh and Andrea B. Proztner

39. Spatial Structural Equation Modeling

Melanie M. Wall

40. Automated Structural Equation Modeling Strategies

George A. Marcoulides and Marsha Ing